Finders Eaters : Prime Street Cafe

After days of WiFi trouble and a packed schedule, I am pleased, albeit a but sheepish, to say that the latest Finders Eaters post is here! However OhRiyally and I are quite sad to announce that due to our busy schedule we’ll be unable to continue this series. But fret not, our individuals blogs will continue to brim over with madness. So for this final Finders Eaters outing, we take you to a charming place called Prime Street Cafe in Connaught Place, the heart of Delhi.


Prime Street Cafe

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves in the happening locales of Connaught Place, Delhi. It’s no secret that the Finders Eaters love CP—it’s eccentric, flavourful and lively. Those three words would be apt to describe Prime Street Café on the first floor of  12 & 13, F Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, which is our find of the week.



It took us a while to find the entrance, which is basically a staircase leading up to the restaurant, set amid a myriad of stores, so you might want to keep your eyes directed at the signboards on the first floor to save you some time. Once we walked in, however, it was quite easy to see why the word ‘street’ was present in the name of the café. Decked up in the typical décor of a busy lane, Prime Street Café is a London alley hidden in Delhi. There were lampposts along the wall, road signs on the walls…..and well, you get the drift.



With a nice, well-spaced seating area, the café keeps its indoors lighting slightly dim which makes it quite cosy. It was relatively empty so we took the best seats in the house (according to us, they were!) and placed our order consisting of a Chicken Penne Alfredo Pasta and a Vegetarian Fajita. After a surprisingly long wait of 25-30  minutes, our food arrived and maybe it was the delay but we didn’t enjoy it as much as we thought we would. The pasta and fajita were kind of disappointing, even though the portion size was great. The chicken in the pasta seemed to be a bit under-cooked, while the fajita just wasn’t spicy enough.



Halfway through our meal, the café started filling up and the chatter grew louder, although not unpleasantly. To us it only added more relevence to the street theme. The piece de resistance of the place was definitely the décor. It was edgy enough to distract us from the late food delivery and we found plenty of things to photograph to feature here. If you and your friends need a new place to hang out at, then this might just be it.

However, it might not be easy on your pocket. Even though we skipped drinks this time, we were served a bill of around Rs. 950, for two. This is quite steep for just two dishes, without any drinks.



If you want to learn more about the place, then you can check out their website or their Facebook page.

Our Finders Eaters sojourn may have come to an end, we hope you found it useful. We always welcome any ideas or opinions you might have!



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    Drowning in college classes and work assignments, Arshi and I have decided to put Finders Eaters on hold for a while. It’s a bittersweet thing, saying goodbye, but hopefully Finders Eaters will return with an all new season in no time at all. Here’s the last post (for now) of Finders Eaters but worry not, OhRiyally will remain alive and kicking. Stay tuned for next week’s WTLS post. For now, read on!


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