Finders Eaters : Crusty Gourmet Pizzas & More

So it’s Finders Eaters Friday today (yeah, that’s what we call it amongst ourselves) and as you’ve come to expect, we take you on another culinary journey. This time, travel through the lanes of Safdarjung in Delhi to an Italian place called ‘Crusty Gourmet Pizzas & More’. The name sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, read on to find out more about it!



Unlike the places we’ve featured here earlier, this week’s restaurant was more about the eating than the finding. Nestled in the cosy Safdarjung at B-6/2, Safdarjung Enclave, Opposite Deer Park, New Delhi, Crusty Gourmet Pizza & More was a mouthful—to pronounce and to experience. The first thing that you notice about this place is the mouth-watering aroma that wafts towards you as soon as you open the door. Italian cuisine is known for its flavourful scents and Crusty’s does not fail to deliver in this respect.


As the name suggests, pizzas are the backbone of this place. With tons of options on the menu, one cannot complain about lack of choice. They offer everything from pizzas, pastas, calzones to salads, along with a range of frappes, mojitos and cold drinks.




We ordered a 12” Exotic Naples Veg. pizza with a 12” Veg. Mexican calzone, a White Chocolate frappe and a Hazelnut Chocolate frappe. The place claims to specialise in pizzas but for us, the calzone was the star of the meal. Toasty bread filled with succulent veggies—just thinking about it has us salivating even now! We weren’t instant fans of the pizza but that might have something to do with the option we picked. Two special sauces were served along with the meal, those being a Pesto sauce and a Peri Peri sauce, and we must mention that these really did the trick for us in bringing the whole meal together. As for the frappes, we vouch for their delectability. How can one go wrong when you put cold coffee, chocolate, hazelnut syrup and Nutella together?!


The charming cerulean blue colour of the furniture brought the black, white and brown theme of the décor to life. Since the sky was quite overcast that day, we enjoyed sitting under the glow of a yellow lamp while it grew darker outside. With not too many elements, the design of the place is simple and minimalistic. It’s almost as if they’re giving you a plain background so that your senses can focus on the food.



Our servers were extremely helpful and friendly, which always counts for a good dining experience. They also offer six flavours of gelato but we were so full by the end of our meal that we just didn’t have any space left for dessert, but they definitely seem promising to us.

It was clear to see that the food was at the centre of this whole experience. Remarkable taste and speedy service make this restaurant a great choice, whether you’re dining with family or friends. They have three outlets in total across Delhi-NCR – the other two being in DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon and in South City 2, Gurgaon – so you can hop in to your nearest one and get the ‘Crusty’ experience.

All in all, Crusty definitely has the ‘Finders Eaters’ stamp of approval as Italian is now almost a staple diet among Indians, and Crusty excels in Italian cuisine.


To keep up with their special offers and discounts, you can visit their Facebook page.

We had a lot of fun with this particular post and remember, the next one goes up on OhRiyally in exactly two weeks. Leave your comments below and tell us your own experiences or recommendations, as the case may be. See you in two weeks!


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