Finders Eaters : 2 Bandits

As we promised, here is the fourth installment of our ‘Finders, Eaters’ collaboration. This time we take you to a wondeful restaurant called 2 Bandits in Satyaniketan, South Delhi. Read on for more!

DSC_0036In a city like Delhi, with the advent of monsoon, come puddles, traffic jams (worse than the usual!) and the constant fear of having muddy water splashed onto you by every passing vehicle. It was on such a day that we found ourselves in Satyaniketan on Benito Juarez Marg, looking to eat at our next find (see what we did there?). Located on the first and second floor of 16, Satyaniketan, 2 Bandits is right across from Sri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi. It’s a lovely place that offers great ambience, sumptuous food and most of all, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.



The very first thing we noticed on entering was the décor. Quirky is the best word to describe this restaurant filled with colourful teapots along the wall, photo-booth props on each table and an artificial tree situated right next to the entrance.
In one corner, there were tables suspended from the ceiling with metal chains that had swings for seats, much to our delight. As soon as we spotted those, we exchanged a look, fist-bumped internally and plonked ourselves down on the aerial seating. The expression “Score!” may or may not have crossed our minds. We freely admit, our inner five-year-olds were mighty pleased.



The waiting staff was quick and efficient because within seconds of settling down, we were handed menus to peruse. The food offerings were quite versatile since the restaurant doesn’t stick to any particular cuisine. It took us mere minutes to decide on an Alfredo Pasta with cream, cheese and green onions and a vegetarian Falafel Wrap along with a Strawberry Diacherry and an Apple-Soaked Mojito for drinks. We guess there’s something to be said about limited choices.



The entire order arrived hot and steamy (the drinks being cold and non-steamy, thankfully) in less than ten minutes which made our grumbling stomachs very happy. Like we mentioned earlier, the food was delicious, however, the veggies in the pasta seemed a little bit undercooked and crunchy, but that could just be us! The portion sizes were plenty when compared to the prices – we were done in under 600 Rupees. If that’s not a steal, we don’t know what is.


Moreover, the drinks were near perfection in taste and served in beakers. That’s right! They serve their drinks in beakers, which one doesn’t really expect to see outside of science labs. Looks like beakers are the next mason jars, huh?


Even as we devoured our meal, we couldn’t help but sing along to the music playing in the background – well, at least the songs we recognised. We must thank whoever it was in charge of the music selection, for they played songs by artists like Maroon 5, Fergie, Swedish House Mafia, Coldplay and many more. They even have a carom table for four if anyone wishes to play!



While the restaurant is a bit on the smaller side, it isn’t stuffy at all since the tables are well-placed with enough distance to give each group privacy. There’s a second floor too, but it was under development at the time so we couldn’t have a look-see but we definitely wouldn’t mind going back when it’s ready.



Even as we were preparing to leave, we were provided with a sheet of paper in the shape of a leaf to write our feedback on, which would be added to the – wait for it – branches of the artificial tree we mentioned earlier! It definitely is an innovative way to get feedback from customers, after all who doesn’t like to leave a visible mark? We both unanimously dubbed it the ‘Testimonial Tree’, partly because we love alliteration.



The highlight of our meal was definitely the seating—who doesn’t love swinging back and forth over lunch? Okay, maybe it’s not for the easily queasy but to be fair, they had non-aerial seating options too. We loved the photo props placed on each table and even went ahead and clicked silly pictures with a few but of course, those will stay deep in our camera rolls, never to see the light of the day (or your screens, for that matter).


Suffice to say, 2 Bandits has the Finders, Eaters stamp of deliciousness from us! For more information, check out their Facebook page or their website 2 Bandits!

Remember to check out our previous posts, which are posted alternately on mine and OhRiyally‘s blog. We’ll back in two weeks with a new culinary gem for you all! Till then, leave your comments and do tell us if you like ‘Finders, Eaters’.


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