Finders Eaters: The All American Diner

The third ‘Finders, Eaters’ installment is here!


Hello, there! I hope you’re having a good summer. It’s time for another Finders Eaters post and this time, Arshi and I take you to a place that’s a bit of a throwback.

Set on the leafy Lodhi Road of south Delhi, the India Habitat Centre is truly an architectural sight to behold. It was in this marvelous setting that we found our third hidden gem. The All American Diner is situated in the Lobby Level of IHC and boasts of giving a true American diner experience in the heart of the Indian capital.




While it is a much-frequented joint among the working populace of the area, it remains shrouded in anonymity for the rest of the city—a fact which was quite surprising for us once we’d had a taste of the place (pun intended). Despite its relative obscurity, it’s a pretty busy place. Busy enough that even at 12 noon…

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