Finders Eaters : Rose Café

The wait is over! Presenting the second installment of the ‘Finders Eaters’ series, the previous post of which was hosted by the lovely Riya on her blog over at OhRiyally. This time we take you on a literary and visual journey of a gem of a restaurant that we found in Saket, Delhi called Rose Café. Before you proceed further, remember, while most finders keep, we’re the kind who eat.

DSC_0209DSC_0190When we decided to name this series ‘Finders Eaters’, we planned to focus more on the eating part than the finding but our visit to this week’s café-in-focus turned out to be a lot more adventurous than expected. Boarding the metro for Saket where the café is located, we left the outdoors all bright and sunny, and on reaching the end of the tunnel (pun intended!), boy were we surprised?! The weather had taken a complete topsy-turvy turn. It was windy enough to blow you away, but I digress. On making a quick Google Maps check we learned that the café was less than 500 metres from the metro station, so we decided to brave the squall which was probably not the wisest decision we’d made all day, but hey, you know we’re nothing if not stupidly reckless. Ah, the joys of being young!


DSC_0183Covered in layers of dust, we arrived at the gorgeous Rose Café on 2 Westend Marg in Saiyad Ul Ajaib Extension, Delhi. We must have looked an odd sight, standing there in the pastel pink foyer, scarves wrapped around our mouths and our hair resembling a bird’s nest but we were welcomed right in and seated at a table for two right next to the window.

DSC_0178DSC_0179The first thing we noticed about this café was the décor, undoubtedly. The walls are painted a soft pink and there is a subtle floral theme all around. Gorgeous lamps illuminate every corner which gives the seating space a warm, cosy feel. The place has a Modern-European touch and is the definition of a ‘hidden gem’.

DSC_0141DSC_0125DSC_0112DSC_0110Shortly thereafter we settled down (and cleaned up, obviously), and we decided to draw our eyes away from all the pretty things and listen to our grumbling stomachs. The menu itself was pink and floral but not in an in-your-face way for which we were thankful.Rose Café lists itself as an Italian restaurant so the fare was well, Italian. The menu was small but comprehensive so we started off with a Ginger Fizz (that’s me – I, for once, decided to forego coffee) and a Strawberry Italian Soda for drinks and topped them off with a Penne Arrabiatta pasta and a Garlic, Herbs and Mushroom pizza. For desert, we had an Espresso Cake with Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce which had us fighting over the crumbs at the end. Overall, the food was great in terms of taste and plating, however, the portion size was a little on the smaller side in context to the prices. Regardless, this café knew its Italian.



DSC_0172Much like Kunzum Travel Café which we covered previously, Rose Café is a small, relatively unknown establishment, but once you step inside, it detaches you from the humdrum of daily life. For the entirety of the time that we spent in Rose Café, we felt like we were somewhere in Paris, France rather than in New Delhi, India. It’s amazing how well they’ve managed to create a bubble of peace and calm right in the middle of the chaos that is our capital.

To truly relish Rose Café, you need to look closely because it’s the details that make this place. There were small touches of florals—a lampshade here, a teacup there—which kept the ambience cheerful. They were quite fitting since the cafe’s namesake is a flower, after all. A few corners were brightened up using fairy lights and the tables were tiled mint green. There were a few chalkboards dotted here and there which told patrons about daily specials and café policies.

Our food arrived quickly and we gobbled it up (don’t judge us, we were starving) as the storm outside turned to gentle rain which eventually quieted down. The staff was extremely polite and friendly. The cheerful demeanour of the staff was one of the things that made the whole ‘Rose Café experience’. Like we said, it’s the little things that counted here.

Once the elements quieted down outside and we were done with our meal, we headed to the outdoor dining area and immediately cursed the weather gods for making it rain that day. The outdoor dining area at the back of the café was the textbook definition of quaint. Surrounded by bougainvillea flowers, we can only imagine what it would be like to sit out here for a meal. We visited the café for lunch but we can see ourselves going back for dinner sometime, even if it is just to sit and eat out there in the garden.

DSC_0185 DSC_0184For more information, you can visit their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page.

We will be presenting our take on more hidden gems of Delhi-NCR in the next couple of months. All posts will go up alternately on mine and Riya’s Blog so be sure to check out her blog and follow her!

Do comment below and tell us what you about this post and series! If you’ve any suggestions or ideas, we’re all ears.


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